Video Retrieval

Surveillus Networks REVIEW provides the powerful search and retrieval tools you need, while making them easy and intuitive to use. Your staff can perform replays, synchronize cameras, view camera history, create advanced exports, and much more quickly and effortlessly.

Key Features

  • Storyboard Exports
  • Audio Support
  • Snapshots

  • Fullscreen
  • Synchronized Playback
  • Digital/Analog Support

  • Rewind/FF 2x-32x
  • Bookmarks
  • PTZ Control

  • Hotkeys
  • Maps
  • Video History Graph

Live &

Instantly transition between live feeds and recorded footage at any time with the quick button click or key press.


Familiar DVR controls found at the bottom of the Surveillus Networks VMS display screen make Instant Replay, Jump Back, Rewind, Fast Forward, and Jump Forward actions quick and easy with a simple button click or key press.

Date & Time Search

This comprehensive date and time search function enables you to quickly find specific recordings as needed.


The Sync function enables users to swiftly and effortlessly synchronize recorded video of up to four cameras at the same time. Especially effective for viewing a specific time frame from multiple camera angles, or following a moving subject through the coverage area.


Surveillus Networks VMS bookmarking works exactly as bookmarks should. Simply click the bookmark button or press the shortcut key to flag a point of interest for viewing later.


The Snapshots feature enables full native-resolution images of a selected camera to be captured. Snapshots can be saved in a variety of formats for analysis and include selectable overlay information placement.


The Review Camera History Manager easily displays a full history for a selected camera, including a colored activity graph and bit rate information. Multiple sorting options enable data to be shown all at once, or by day and hour.


Extensive file export functionality ensures that video footage is retrievable and reviewable whenever you need it. State-of-the-art authentication confirms that the data is tamperproof, and Synchronized Exports can show you up to four time-synchronized camera angles at once from any set of viewpoints, enabling you to provide full, uninterrupted coverage.