Configure, Monitor & Maintain

Surveillus Networks COMMANDER streamlines your configuration process. Install additional storage and extra cameras, and add new users with ease. Your operators can also manage the system’s maintenance and monitor its health with greater efficiency.

Key Features

  • System Storage Management
  • User Management
  • HD Matrix/Decoder Management
  • Detailed Storage Statistics

  • Storage Groups Management
  • Camera Management
  • Remote Site Management
  • Detailed Stream Information

  • Storage Schedules Management
  • Video Lock Management
  • System Events Management
  • Audit Logs


Extensive configuration functions enable you to easily set up and manage over 20 characteristics of your Surveillus Networks system using simple, intuitive menu screens. Control data export, camera trees, video previews, keyboard controls, camera controls, display layouts, and more.


The critical key to reliable performance. Operators can perform in-depth health analysis of network storage units, plus view system version, uptime, temperature, networks speeds, workload, streams counts, storage rates, individual hard drive health status and critical attributes.


Your staff can view managed storage IP addresses and firmware version numbers, then perform simple upgrades in just a few button clicks. Detailed stream information (frames/sec, bitrates, IP addresses, storage location) of all cameras connected to the system is also easily accessible through a system log collector to help keep your operations flowing smoothly.