Surveillus Networks VMS

A higher level of surveillance

Surveillus Networks is an innovator in industry-leading video surveillance management solutions that offer rock-solid reliability in demanding surveillance environments. Our products excel in the most critical situations where there is low/no tolerance for loss of video downtime.


Take a tour, and discover how the highly robust, remarkably intuitive and superbly adaptable Surveillus Networks VMS — backed with exceptional customer support — should be your first choice for dependable surveillance and security.


Surveillus Networks REVIEW is the powerful suite of intuitive and easy to use search and retrieval tools your technical and operational teams need. Your operators can quickly perform replays, synchronize cameras, view camera histories, search through recorded video, create advanced exports, and much more.


Surveillus Networks MONITOR is the advanced keyboard-controlled HD Video Wall solution that enables operators to view up to 8 high-definition video streams across dual displays. MONITOR integrates the familiarity of a traditional analog system with our proprietary digital solution.


Surveillus Networks Commander streamlines the configuration process for operations administrators working in dynamic, constantly changing environments. Adding digital storage, cameras, and users is handled with greater efficiency and ease to improve system uptime and meet demanding gaming regulations.


Surveillus Networks EVENTS is a world-class, real-time system event notification solution designed to alert your operations administrators to potential problems before they occur anywhere on your property.


The exceptional way to manage

The Surveillus Networks VMS makes it easy to record and manage your critical digital surveillance. Designed specifically for gaming applications, our highly intuitive software interface is paired with powerful search capabilities to deliver solid functionality while maintaining ease-of-use. Extremely robust software manages the entire system, thus reducing your team’s workload so they can take on other important tasks. These features ensure that Surveillus Networks VMS not only meets but also exceeds the challenging requirements of today’s gaming industry.


Now the worlds of analog and digital are brought into perfect harmony. Using an industry-standard keyboard, Surveillus Networks VMS operators can easily view live or recorded video from any source with all the familiarity of a traditional video matrix processor. This future-ready flexibility enables you to migrate easily to new technologies — without the headaches.

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Being gaming regulation compliant may be the required benchmark for your operations, but Surveillus Networks VMS delivers above and beyond. Standard features such as Storyboard Exports, Synchronized Playback, Footage Bookmarks, and Adaptive Stream Balancing are just a few of the more than 30 key functions that make Surveillus Networks VMS an industry leader.

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Surveillus Networks VMS makes it simple to protect your assets and remain in compliance by automatically addressing unplanned outages and utilizing redundant systems for near-zero downtime. And whether it’s switching cameras or adding digital storage, Features are laid out sensibly to significantly reduce training sessions and improve critical response times.

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In high availability applications, redundancy and system uptime are critical. Linux-based storage products, backup power supplies, system auto balancing, automatic server failover, and system self-monitoring are just some of the many key Surveillus Networks VMS attributes that work together seamlessly to ensure maximum stability.

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